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Interactive Multimedia Design

Instructional Philosophy
Students are expected to meet all course goals listed and demonstrate understanding of the underlying concepts through successfully completing activities and projects related to the course. Activities/projects will require students to draw upon basic academic skills in math, English and reading. Students will engage in activities, experiences, and assessments that will require them to evaluate, synthesize, analyze, and demonstrate knowledge. Process skills (such as decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking) are integrated and stressed throughout the course. Informal and formal assessments are used to determine student progress.

Program Goals

The Business/Marketing Education program will

Develop and encourage critical thinking skills

Expand skills (social, physical, attitudinal, and ethical) dealing with character growth

Increase understanding of the job market

Increase employability skills

Stress basic skills in areas such as communication, mathematics, technology and literacy

Develop an appreciation for the free enterprise system

Promote an understanding of economics and consumer competencies

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